J & J Demolition Derbies has specialized in the promotion and production of
top quality motorsports events for over 3
2 years. J & J Demolition Derbies events
can be enjoyed at many locations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and
Delaware; including the Delaware State Fair.
J & J Demolition Derbies focus is on the production of  top quality motorsports
entertainment . We unlike most larger production companies, believe that by only
specializing in motorsports related events that we can create a better more attentive
relationship with our fair boards, drivers, and ultimately the fans.
J & J strives to maintain rules and regulations that are fair for everyone from
the first time builders down to the cagey veterans.  J & J does not want anyone feeling
as though they cannot be competitive at any of the events we promote.  
J & J Demolition Derbies maintains close contact with other event promoters in
order to create a more standard set of rules and regulations that allow competitors
to enter other events. With the creation of a standard set of rules and regulations the
drivers are able to run at other events without having to do extensive modifications to
their cars, in order to compete.
No fair or event is to big or to small. The success of any event is based on the heart
and soul of their organizers, patrons, and communities desire to succeed.
J & J believes that with our experience, strong work ethic, honesty and our desire to
succeed as representatives for the motorsports entertainment industry  that we can
make any event a success.
J & J Demolition Derbies' goal is to produce top quality events without the
politics of every day life, we want our fairs, drivers and fans to leave each event with
an experience of a lifetime and always look forward to the next event.
The statements and goals written above are critical elements that J & J Demolition
Derbies believes are necessary to keep the tradition of  State and Country Fairs, as
well as competitive motorsports going strong for years to come.

Thank You,
Mike and Shanna Rauenzahn  
Its no,
Sunday drive around an oval,
Million Dollar Sponsors,
Cry Baby Attitudes
Or all that other stuff.
It's the annihilation of cars,
Bone-crushing hits,             
Twisted metal, Surviving     
total Destruction, and
being                 the Victor.